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Spring-Clean Mind & Body with the Six Week Dare

As winter comes to an end and spring starts to color the world in greens and yellows, take on the "six-week dare." Add six weeks to your calendar to not drink alcohol and reschedule those times with present self-discovery.

“The truth is that everyone is bored, and devotes himself to cultivating habits.” ― Albert Camus


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Go Out into Nature Even When it's Cold

Our biggest reason for going outside is to have a better attitude towards life in general. It may be difficult to build up the will to get out into the low teens but it will be worth it. So 1-2-3, put on those heavy cloths and your fav winter cap and let's get outside!

“Too little sunlight is stressful and effects emotional and physical wellbeing, making us vulnerable to being pessimistic and fatigued.”

― nbcnews.com |Dr. John Sharp
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