Are you tired of trying to put puzzles together on a rainy day or the same old tired arts-and-crafts from kindergarten? Or are you stuck at home during a rainy or snowy day and need something to do that doesn’t call for sprinkles or glue guns? We’ve highlighted ten adult hobbies to do indoors that wont break the back or have you end up with a bunch of craft-trash creations.

You will have to prepare ahead of time to do most of these ideas.

The Art of Kintsugi

Ever broken a pot or your favorite coffee mug only to regret having to put it in the trash? Or do you ever want to make pottery art but don’t have the room or means to do so? The Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold is beautiful way to express such feelings in a creative way. Kintsugi can give new life to your a broken piece of pottery with minimal effort.

We like to fix or re-glue our broken pieces back together then using either gold acrylic paint or a gold marker we then paint over the break to resemble the Japanese repair. If you’d like a more pronounced or raised gold repair you can use hot glue over the stronger glow to make a raised surface that you can then paint over. Please follow all instructions on how to use the glue you picked up.

Liquid Nails Adhesive for Ceramics

Small ceramic repair adhesive
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Precision applications
Liquid Adhesive


Block Printing using Linocut

Linocut is a way to make prints using a block of linoleum. The finished products can look like something out of the 60s or even turn of the century woodblocks all depending on how much detail you use. We’ve used our linocuts to create prints on fabric to make patterns. The linoleum block is very soft and very easy to use and if you have the patients you can make an entire collection of stamps for cards, paper wrapping or other similar things.

Block Printing Starter Kit

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Speedball Super Value Block Printing Starter Kit


Gathering anything and Everything for Donation

Spend a good day walking around the house to every single draw, closet, storage box in every single room and start filling up bags for donation. And don’t simply donate cloths but old crafts supplies, old unused cards, shoes, toys, wall art, old electronics and so on as long as its still in working order and lightly used.

But truly look in every possible for goods to donate because as the saying goes, “One’s mans trash is another’s Treasure.”

Donation Locations

Your donations to Salvation Army Family Stores help fund rehabilitation programs that heal addictions,
change lives, and restore families.
Salvation Army Locations


Little Bottle Gardener or all out Terrarium

Depending on what you have in and around the house you may not need to buy any supplies for this craft. For example if you live near a river or creek you can easily find all the moss and rocks you’ll need and just about any number of wild flower, plant or mushroom to use in your little garden. And if you look around the house your bound to find a glass container perfect for to create an enclosed garden.

This craft can be as minimal or as grand as you’d like to make it and don’t worry if the plants dry up, just try again until you get a handle of it.

Plants, tools and Inspiration

Various house plants, potted plants, seeds, bulbs and dirt to start your project off on the right foot.
HomeDepot Garden Center

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Translate an Antiquity

It may seem a little strange or out of the ordinary but consider translating an antiquity. Could be an old Greek column or an ancient rune stone but it can be very interesting to find out just what was written on stone. You can search on museum catalogs to find any number of old stone to read and then use google translate or an old language dictionary like a latin dictionary.

And of course once your done you can blog about it or post it to your social media account.

Search the Smithsonian

The diverse collections of the Department of Anthropology are an unparalleled resource containing historical and contemporary materials that document the world’s cultures and history of anthropology.
Search Anthropology Collections


Plan your Next Getaway

If you live in anywhere in the US not in California or Florida odds are its real cold every winter. And how about considering a winter getaway to a tropical paradise. But it doesn’t have to be Florida, Hawaii or Puerto Rico you can travel to lesser known US destinations that don’t require a passport.

If you feel up to it, plan going to that exotic or bucket list location you’ve always dreamed of.

No Passport Sun Getaways

It does not take a passport to enjoy the warm, sunny weather of the equatorial region
Tropical Places to Go Where You Don’t Need a Passport

price is up to you

Primitive Pottery or Basket Weaving

There are many ways to make pottery that don’t require clay. You can use newspaper, mache, old magazines or even cardboard with wonderful results. And you don’t need any practice or skills in particular just time and determination.

But you can pick up some clay at your local hobby store and just have it around ready for you to use or a box of mache and keep it in your craft room to have it ready. Both items last a very long time and only need water to be brought to life.

Air Dry Modeling Clay

Great for home, school, summer camp and more
Air Dry Modeling Clay Terra Cotta


Create your own Stain Glass Light Catcher

You can press flowers or draw on glass with fabric paint to make a light catcher. We like to buy dollar store picture frames, remove the glass then trace clip art on the glass with fabric paint. We then use acrylic hues as washes to fill in the shapes but you can find lots of online how-to’s to make press flower glass or related colored glass.

Dollar Picture Frames

Preserve your favorite memories in our picture frames that come in a variety of styles and colors for just $1 each.
4x6 Picture Frames

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Gather, Create, Photograph Then Photo-Touchup a Still Life

We all have enough nick-nacks around the house to build a still life including a spot light like a table lamp and items to catch light like something made of glass. Take your time going around the house gathering anything that interests you including scarfs, flowers, books and mirrors. Then set them up juxtaposed to a backdrop like a white wall or a textured wall.

Then take out your phone camera and start taking pictures from all angles and at all distances including macro. Then you can use phone apps to filter the images or better yet download a free photo manipulating program to do real serious touch-ups.

Steps to Setting Up a Still Life

An indept guide to help you set up a still life for drawing but can also be used with photography.
7 Steps to Setting Up for a Still Life Drawing


Digital Color Kawaii while Listening to Podcasts

You may need to download an app for your tablet or buy a digital art tablet but it will be worth it. There are hundreds of clip art or coloring pages that you can download to color as you listen to your favorite podcast.

You can also watch movies or listen to music as you color and not waste any paper or paints as you work away.

Color Page for your Pleasure

To the right is a free color page you can download to get started with adult coloring.
Kawaii Sticker Page


Remember to have fun and never give up on your curiosity!

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