Fast fashion aside, investing in good quality clothing when living in the country is a wise choice. Cheap thin clothing bought in mall box stores may be understandable for a college student who is near or around 21 but for the rest of us clear over our 30s, these cloths aren’t worth a second glance. In this article we’re highlighting clothing articles necessary to achieve not just a chick country look but a quality wardrobe.

The All-Too-Needed Olive Jacket

Two olive green jackets, one quilted as shown here, and one thin that can be used during cool days or night are an absolute necessity. You can use your olive jacket with a wide variety of outfits and goes well with natural colored heavy fabrics.

Warm Wool Cozy Scarves

Wool scarves may be a little itchy but they are very warm and help to keep your neck protected against winter winds. You also don’t use them right against your skin but tie them around a high collar to keep warm. Wool adds a country detail to an otherwise city winter look of jeans and sweater.

Knitting Sweaters and Flannel Long Sleeves

The trick with knitted sweaters is to make sure you get ’em a size smaller and with a pattern on front or else it will look sloppy on you. You don’t have to get a wool as any blend will do and of course always go for natural colors in burgundy, olive green, cream and brown. And what you’ll want to wear underneath it is a cozy fleece flannel top.

Bottoms are Up for Grabs

What one decides to wear for bottoms doesn’t particularly matters. Jeans of all colors, new or old look ideal but just as much as winter leggings or a long wool skirt. As long as your bottoms are winter appropriate you can wear just about anything you wish.

Winter Tube Socks and Mid-Priced Galoshes

I always prefer to get cotton blend wool tube socks of the tickets and most warm kind to wear with my waterproof galoshes. And if you live in the mid-west its also probably a sure thing that salt is used to clear the streets of ice. For this reason we suggest that you not get the most expensive pretties pair of boots or even the cheapest but something in the middle. The salt will destroy your boots sooner or later but the cheap ones will go way sooner than later.

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