Decor with Whimsical & Beautiful Paper Theaters

You can add a lighthearted charm to any small corner, or large if you're willing, with a paper theater. For example the image below shows a paper theater that does not animate is possibly mounted on in a frame. You can find a similar frame at any local craft shop and use online cut outs of for the scene as shown.

We collected a few pre-fab projects for you to download or purchase if you're looking for a more professional finish.

Paper Theater on Amazon

As of this post you can purchase a wonderful little model for your home or office on amazon [+].


Steampunk Style Paper Theater Wood Project

This is a wonderful UGears[+] steampunk theater that requires a little assembly but will add a wonderful touch to your bookcase.


Download and DIY Paper Theater

How about make your own paper theater provided by the Victoria and Albert Museum. Below are a pdf instructions and cut out samples you can download for free!

Instructions for Paper Theater Assembly PDF [+]

Cut Out and Graphic Samples PDF [+]


And Many More 
All you need to do is google "Paper Theater Samples" and you're going to find plenty of samples that you can download for free and assemble over a weekend.

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