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Established on the western most point of England and tucked into a natural bay, the town of Newlyn has always been and continues to be a cozy little fishing village of Cornish heritage. The art colony of Newlyn was active from about 1884 until about 1912 with a current revival with the Newlyn School of Art formed in 2011. The art style of the Newlyn art colony can be best described as “illustrated Romanticism of modern life” although other articles will note the popular subject as being mostly fisherman themed but not all the paintings focused on sea living. Below we spotlight a few of our favorite paintings and what we find most interesting of each.

Two Young Girls with a Butterfly 1929

At first glance this picture may seem as a minor work showing no historical or biblical scene but for us its worth is in its simplicity. The main subject of two girls fills us with childhood summer dreams of wonder, their cotton dresses fill our minds with a warm summer breeze and the scent of wild flowers.

Then your eyes naturally move to the virgin backdrop of the bay and suddenly you can smell an ocean spray and hear seagulls in the distance. This picture to us is timeless in its romantic interpretation of the rural life.

Harold Harvey (1874–1941) was a Newlyn School painter who painted scenes of working class Cornish fishermen, farmers and miners and Cornish landscapes. – Wikipedia

The Half Holiday, painted after 1893

Another reminder of a summer day now shown with a young man reading a book on a rock wall with his dogs waiting for playtime perhaps. The think lush tree overhead casts sun rays through its branches, a backdrop of thick tree row continues to add an feeling of country to the viewer.

The wildflowers add some decorative elements and create a frame to the right while the apple on the rock wall give us a talking point.

Elizabeth Adela Forbes 29 December 1859 – 16 March 1912 was a Canadian painter who was primarily active in the UK. She often featured children in her paintings.- Wikipedia

A Steady Drizzle (1847–1926)

A dramatic blue dusk, lifted above the buildings with brushstrokes that extend into the sky, automatically set our mind into a kind of dread. But as our eyes flow to the warm lit windows in the town below and then to the locals going about in a leisurely manner we’re brought back to a comfortable state.

Regardless if this painting is done during war times or peace times, the English have a deep rooted appreciation for staying calm and that is what we take from this painting, keep calm and move on.

Norman Garstin 28 August 1847 – 22 June 1926 was an Irish artist, teacher, art critic and journalist associated.- Wikipedia

La Reine Clothilde 1894

Dramatic and ready for any holiday post card, our young lady modeling with medieval crown and gowns remind us of the Pre-Raphaelite movement. Her pale eyes and soft smile are telling us that perhaps she just received good news or is a young lady of calm demeanor.

The golden light cast by her crown and by the silk on her gown will brighten up any room yet her simple setting and soft face wont over power your decor.

Thomas Cooper Gotch or T.C. Gotch (1854–1931) was an English Pre-Raphaelite painter, book illustrator and brother of John Alfred Gotch, the architect.- Wikipedia

Horse And Cart on Beach

Although we prefer this subject in oil due to the dramatic effect oils can provide to clouds, this is a wonderful example of how to capture a dramatic sky in watercolor. It was normal to drive your horse right up to the waves and just park.

From what we can see in the details a woman, most likely a made, is carrying a basket child in tow and in the distance you can see two other women most likely gathering oyster or other low tied fare. The sailing boats on the horizon remind you that this a sea town with the ghostly cascading rain complete the seascape.

William Ayerst Ingram 27 April 1855 – 20 March 1913 was a painter and member of the Newlyn School. He did notable landscape art and marine art.- Wikipedia

Remember to have fun and never give up on your curiosity!

Images are provided impart from any of the following locations: unsplash.com, freepik.com, foodiesfeed.com, pixabay.com, publicdomainarchive.com,  realisticshots.com, jaymantri.com, wikipedia.org. All content is for entertainment purposes only. Always consult a doctor, the suggested use of all products and your overall care. All material is  owned by their respective owners and are only used for journalistic examples.

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