Spellbinding Harry Potter Wallpapers | Fan Art

If you're a big fan of the Harry Potter universe then the wallpapers below may be just the bee's knees. Each is designed to fit screen size 1600x900 and no credit needed for use. Click on any image for full size. Enjoy!

ron weasley wallpaper

Ron Weasley Wallpaper showing his house scarf, his summer vacation with the family, his broken wand and other notable goodies.

Harry Potter Wallpaper

Harry Potter Wallpaper showing some of the more iconic items from his life.

Hermione Granger Wallpaper

Hermione Granger Wallpaper shows some of her most famous items that helped her assist Harry along his way to victory.


Luna Lovegood Wallpaper

Luna Lovegood Wallpaper shows her delicate wand, her house icons and her father's wonderful magazine plus other signification items.

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