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We understand that it can be difficult to follow the winter Holiday Season with another Holiday meant for couples and you find yourself single. So we’ve highlighted a few things of comfort you can do for yourself to help you feel self-loved and self appreciated.


Consider planning out your Valentine’s activities around the actual day but not the 14th itself so you can avoid large crowds and high prices. Write down things like “Shop at the farmer’s market for a picnic lunch”, “clean the restroom for a hot bath the next day” or “schedule to sit friend’s dog for the weekend”. You could even schedule to volunteer at the local humane society or horse ranch.


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Take Steps to Love Oneself

A great way to show oneself love is to take care of yourself. Wash your linens, clean the kitchen, get the trash out even remodel the house by moving furniture around and redecorating. Go to the local hardware store and buy a couple new houseplants or buy a bouquet of fresh flowers at the super market. Open the windows at midday and let the cool air refreshing your space and the sun shine in.

Various House Plants

From living mushrooms to indoor roses, you can pic any plant that adds a feeling of comfort to your home. Remember to read the caring card on the plant to make sure your home is suitable.
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Hangout with other Humans or Paws

If you have a pet you can schedule a spa day for you and for your furry friend, or you can plan a small doggie getaway to a dog friendly location perhaps a few hours away where you and your buddy can discover something new! If your sitting take ’em out to local dog parks. Volunteer at local animal shelters or horse ranches, some cities even have exotic sanctuaries that could use a hand.

Spa Day Home or Away

Burt’s Bees Oatmeal Conditioner for Dogs proves that natural products are the most effective in keeping your best friend happy.
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Meetup with Local Folks

Regardless where you live you’re bound to find a meetup group you can relate to. We like to participate in hiking and nature walk groups as it gives us a chance to both meet new people and get into nature. But you can join any number of group and as many as you wish. Sign up today!

Meetup Groups

Meetup is an online social networking service for people to organize and/or join offline group meetings in person.

Free to join

Museums and Tour Guides

One of the best things about museums and that they are meant to be silent and you are meant to focus on the artwork on the walls and what it makes you think or feel. It’s a great way to get out of yourself and into someone else state of mind. Museums offer tours both guided and audio, so grab a spot with the group or a headphone and enjoy!

American Alliance of Museums

Use the member directory to find a museum in your city or start planning a vacation. You can search by a single field or multiple fields.
Museums Search

Free to Search

Take it Easy and Move on

But after all take it easy on yourself. Let the holiday wash over you and focus on your everyday things. Go about as if it was any other day or season because it is.  Go to work and listen to your favorite music, hit the gym and do the wash like any other day and before you realize it, it is any other day.

iHeart Radio

iHeartRadio is a free broadcast and internet radio platform with a near endless selection of radio, podcasts, news, sports and more.

Free to Listen

Remember to have fun and never give up on your curiosity!

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